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by Poochie Myers

Winter Coming

24" x 16"


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Acrylics Brushes Water Canvas
that's all you need!

The canvas size is 24" x 16"

The colors I used for this painting exercise are Titanium White, Cadmium Red Light, Phthalocyanine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Light, and Acra Red

The brushes are size #12 flat bristle, #6 nylon, #3 flat nylon, small round sable. I only used 3 brushes for this painting. The large one and the medium and a tiny one to add detail and sign my name.


Using a photo or directly looking at the objects begin your drawing. I usually use cadmium red for this but I'm kind of a wild person. I would use a pale blue if I wanted a softer feeling. Old barns need some zip.

Next I wash in some blue sky and some reds in the bushes and roofs. I keep the paint thin for a long time while I paint. It dries faster and you can control it easier.

Wash in the foreground light green and some other greens. Also add the mountains in the background. Now you have a better view of the overall look of your work.


Begin now to add your dark accent areas - windows, doors, shadows. And add the rest of the bushes that are many shades of brown and orange.These bans have a bit of red showing - roofs, doors, etc. Also now you will begin adding some red shades in the grass and some parts of the buildings.


Put more paint on everything now. Start with that sky adding lots of white toward the bottom.
Add some of the darks in the bushes showing that line of bushes that are across the front of the painting.

Begin adjusting all the colors now. Adding little bits of other colors in each area makes the painting much more interesting. Just keep adding paint! Sit down and look closly and add paint and the colors that are interesting. This is where you can get picky.



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The final painting after adjusting all the values one more time. When you paint you need to put several coats of colors on most of the painting. Don't forget you wouldn't paint your living room with just one coat of paint...or would you.?




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