Chakras and How to Enjoy Life





by Poochie Myers

What are Chakras?

We hear a lot about "Chakras" but what are they and why do we want them? We have them whether we want them or not. Chakra is the San Skrit name for energy vortex. We have many more than seven but our main energy centers are the Chakras we usually talk about. Lets take one Chakra at a time and explore what it is and why we want it clean.

Clean, can they get dirty? Yes! When the Chakra center becomes full of "stuff" we call it a blocked energy center. So what? Lets find out!

My root chakra is called, "my presence". Color it red. I want a clear idea of "me and all that I can be". The swing.jpg - 3.2 KRoot Chakra holds the energy of our presence, our security, our atavistic tendencies. When this chakra is blocked we have the feeling that we do not count, can not ever succeed, will never make it and everyone is out to get us.

Story: A client, 35 years old, who was very talented and who had tried many different jobs but when she was almost successful in her job she stopped and said, "I just can't do this job." Then she would start again at another job and this would be repeated over and over. When she came to me she was tired of trying to get ahead and she wanted to understand why she always stopped just when she was about to succeed. We decided upon the RoHun therapy to let us see what was going on in her life. During the RoHun Purification process we explore the time in your life when you are actually still in your mother's womb. While in the womb we can hear and feel whatever is going on in your mother's life. When we listened to this woman's mother we heard her, deep in the process of birthing, screaming loudly, "I can't do it, I can't do this." The baby had picked up this trauma as her own and proceeded to live her life with this thought pattern. The understanding came when we realized that indeed the mother, "had done it, had succeeded, had had the baby." Since the client was living proof of this event she realized that she was just still hearing her mother's words and she decided she no longer needed to take them on as her own words. Later the woman called me and told me that she was succeeding in her career and very happy accomplishing many goals in her life with no struggle.

Now I have my presence, but I need some juice, excitement, zest for life! Color this Chakra orange. It's my sex-drive--tee, hee! I could store anger, fear, pain and stuff like that here. But who'd want to do that? Spleen Chakra -- this is the energy vortex that holds all our fears, guilt, pain, and other negative energies. When we release all these negative energies through the process of RoHun we uncover our pure energy of enthusiasm.

Male client, 55, very wealthy but always feeling dissatisfied with life. When we worked in his spleen area we found him as a little boy sitting beside his father who is in bed, it is dark in the room. The father is dying but the little boy does not know this. The next scene is the father giving the boy lots of toys, to make up for the time he will not be here he wants the boy to have lots of gifts and he tells him not to ever worry that he will always take care of him (the father has lots of money but the boy does not know what this means) The statement from the father - "You'll never have to worry I will always take care of you." The father died so the man felt abandoned and afraid. Through the process we reaffirmed that the client had many talents and was very capable of taking care of himself. His father had a terminal decease and could not live, he did not die for the purpose of leaving his son alone. In fact, we could clearly see the love in the father's eyes. The client could then let go of the fear of being alone and unable to live and began enjoying his life of wealth and his own talents.

Solar plexus is where the Chakra that helps me do it! Do what? Well, whatever I want to do!! Nice things, of course. If I get this center blocked I can't get anything done......Couch potato! EEk! I like to do a lot so I keep this one clean! It's yellow. The Solar Plexus Chakra holds the energy of our power. Sometimes we find ourselves afraid of our own power and this causes us to not get what we want in life for fear of hurting others.

A client, 45, having achieved a doctor degree in psychology felt he should feel more in control of his life. He felt like others had too much control over him and he wanted to have the feeling of knowing he was in charge of his life. When this client was small, his father had run around with a lot of women finally divorcing the client's mother and then abandoned them. The mother decided that the client had to be the man of the house from the time of this divorce and throughout the time this client was growing up. He now has never felt at peace with responsibility. When we were in his solar plexus, his power center, we found him in the bathroom and his mother and grandmother wanted to know why he was in there so long and what was he doing. Well we know what he was doing. He was masturbating. Somehow they knew this fact and they said, "He's just like his father." Because his father had many other women and then abandoned them due to his sexual needs the client took this occurrence to heart and felt totally unworthy and guilt. They also said, "He'll never amount to anything." We explored this possibility and since the client had achieved a great degree of monetary success we knew he had "amounted to something," however he still felt a lot of guilt. During this RoHun process he came to the realization that he is not his father and that his family has to take responsibility for themselves! Also all of this happened when he was little and he is now grown up and able.

Since this session the client has been able to give his mother unconditional love and had no resentment and he now has a deep sense of accomplishment.

Guess what Chakra this one is!! It's green and feels good! Yes! It's the heart Chakra! Unconditional love. I have this unconditional love for you and for me....I love us! As long as I keep this heart Chakra open and the love energy going out I will attract loving people and experiences. If I closed this Chakra center I would feel isolated and unloved. That would be a silly thing to do, wouldn't it? Heart Chakra -- color green -- is the location of unconditional love. When this energy vortex is blocked we have difficulty giving and receiving love.

Story: This lady, 50, always felt like she needed to help everyone and save people. She had been born into money but at age 3 her mother and father divorced and her mother took her away to another state and soon put her in an orphanage with nuns. The father sent money to support her but the mother keeps it. At age 4 or 5 the father discovers all of this and rescues her from the orphanage and takes her to live with him. She is a happy child, grows up, marries and becomes rich because her husband is a wealthy doctor and they have children and stay married until the children are grown and out on their own. After she divorces him she finds herself with little money. She moves into a small but nice apartment, gets a job at the bank, not paying much but respectable and she begins studying spiritual ways. Her father, very wealthy, does not give her any money. She comes to me for RoHun to feel more freedom in her life and she is not friendly with men and would like a normal relationship.During RoHun we found an unusual story. We found her at the site of the crucifixion, Jesus in dying on the cross and she is crying uncontrollably. She had been following Jesus' teachings and loved every word he spoke but her husband did not agree with her. Her husband is on the council that decides to crucify Jesus and there is nothing she can do about it. She felt that Jesus was abandoning her and that her husband betrayed her. We look at Jesus and we take him off the cross. He tells her that he is fine, that this was all a divine plan and she is not to feel guilty any more, he loves her and asks her to forgive him for troubling her. She is surprised at this and gives him love. Next we investigate her husband's roll in this story. She understands that her husband was just doing his job and she finally forgives him. This client began living more freely and with fun and has many new friends, including a. Last year her father passed on and she is living comfortably now and knowing that she can make a living for herself and money is to be enjoyed too.

Now I have my presence, my juice, my ability to do whatever I want and my unconditional love, my heart!! But I want more! And so do you, don't you? What good is all this if we can't be creative, if we don't know when to say, "Yes" or "No" or if we don't have our intuitive senses - intuitive seeing, hearing and sensing.
Let's find our throat Chakra - our expression! Color it sky blue. Throat Chakra -- the client suffers from sever migraines with the point of origin along the right rear edge of the cranium.

Story: During RoHun the client saw a large man driving a horse-drawn cart filled with dead bodies. He saw people being beheaded and realized it was the time of the French Inquisition. He was a rebel, a spiritual warrior who was working against the crown. He thought he was responsible for the whole world. He was arrested for speaking out and was imprisoned. Even in the prison he spoke out harshly against the crown and caused havoc for those imprisoned with him. Fearing for their own lives they knew they had to silence him. He was severely beaten by his fellow inmates and was kicked several times in the back of the head, leaving him in a vegetable state. He laid for several days unattended and died. The client's headache area was the same area in which the rebel was kicked. As we processed this lifetime, this healing metaphor, the client discovered that he could not cure the world and he finally realized that he is only responsible for himself. He no longer tells people what to do. He has not had migraine headaches since this session.

Is it in our eyes? No. Just above them. You always knew you had three eyes! This third eye Chakra shows us "the big picture". Color it indigo blue. If we just looked at the world with our physical eyes we couldn't see very far. This Vision Chakra can see as far as we want it to see. We can see where we are going and we can see new ideas. Imagine if we have a new idea but our Solar Plexus Chakra, the "do it" one, is blocked - well, we would never do our new idea, just think it. Of course if our Vision Chakra is blocked, we'd never get any new ideas! Wow, I guess we have to think aobut working together. Brow Chakra This is the chakra that houses our vision, our perception of the world around us.

Story: The client had been taken into a prison camp at age 7 during the 2nd world war. She was living with no feeling and had a deep fear of feeling. During RoHun we went back to the time of the capture and as a little girl she saw the soldiers kill her family right beside her. When we saw her as a little girl, she could not see her face, she could see 2 girls, one with pigtails and the other no face. I knew they were both the same girl but was split from the fear. There was nothing we could do to get the little girl together until I asked the woman to let the little girl see her and tell her who she is, she is the little girl-grown up .Tell her that she can let go of the fear of death now because she does grow up, no matter what happens in her life she will not die, at least not for many years because the woman was in her late 50's during this session. The little girl asked some questions of the woman to make sure it was all true and magically the two little girls came together and we saw love in the little girl's eyes.
The woman has lived a full and happy life since this session.

On top is our Crown Chakra! Our purpose is here and our connection to all of you and all of the Universe and our all that there is. Color it purple. We can be all that we want to be! We don't have to "do" anything to "be", we already just are!

We can have fun with our energy.

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