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Allen Toney on View in West Virginia



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You can see Allen's work at The Museum in the Community, Hurricane WV

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Allen Toney began his carrier as an oil painter/printmaker at Marshall University in the late 80's. Since 1990, he has worked exclusively with "electronic painting", using a graphics computer and electronic drawing tablet to produce his imagery.

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Toney's work weds liquid, sensual, neo-classical forms with mystical, mathematical, and surreal sensibilities. In so doing he forms a new hybrid visionary style which is unique to the computer medium. Since 1992





Toney has been in 5 regional one man shows as well as over 40 group and juried exhibitions throughout the United States. He is considered by many to be one of the premiere figures in the field of computer fine art.




His work has also appeared in international shows in Europe and Japan, as well as in numerous publications such as "Mac World magazine" (3/92), Wired Magazine (1/94), "Verbum magazine" (5/91), "Computer Artist magazine" (5/93, 8/94), Creativity magazine (3/94), Fractal Design's "Painter" advertisements (93/94) and numerous interactive multimedia CD's (93 & 94 & 95)
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