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Free Form Bead Class at the Huntington Museum of Art

March 16, and the next 2 Satrudays too

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Start with mixed or separated colors Peyote (gourd) Stitch - begin with a strand of beads as long as you want (measure around wrist) Use #11 glass beads
When you come to the end of your strand of beads, place a bead on your thread, turn and run the thread through the second bead from the end. Pick up another bead and run the thread through the 4th bead from the end.

Loops and Anything

Using an odd number of colors (3 or 5), and an even abount of beads, string either with mixed colors or with several of one and then the next, etc. Always try to make the color units different sizes from each other. ItÕs good to make a strong base by using peyote stitch with same color (or mixed) for at least 3 rows.

Brick Stitch

Beginning the Brick Stitch

Make up your own flowers
Use colors you enjoy
Have fun no matter what!

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Bead Works

Next you can begin adding beads in one area or continue making the base wider. It does not have to be solid. If you have your thread coming out of the side, add more beads, making a new string and attach somewhere along the side. You can peyote this new string for a few rows to make it wider or you can switch to brick stitch for a dirrerent look. And you can just add strings of beads attaching them here and there.
To make your piece 3 dimensional just add beads to the TOP of the other beads. Pile them on if you want. You can always add other size beads, 6s or 8s, flowers, leaves, etc. Make up your own decoration. (write it down so you can remember next time) You can twist and fold over your piece if you want it more dimensional. Add large beads in the holes or over bare thread. Finish by sewing on a large bead or button at one end and string a loop at other end to fit over the bead/button. I usually run the thread through twice and anchor it well back in my bracelet.

With Fringe or Without

You can add fringe to anything anytime you feel like it.

Ndebele or Herringbone

Ndebele around 3mm cord

Ndebele Stitch around thick cord

Free Form Beading: 3 - 2 hour classes Huntington Museum -529-2701 education department

Experiment, Explore and Enjoy! This class will focus on the off-loom beading techniques known as the Gourd, Tubular Gourd, Brick and Ndebele Herringbone Stitches. Students will use a wide variety of seed beads, 4mm cube beads, and other beads. The basics of each stitch will be taught so that they can be used in a free-form manner. The emphasis of the class will be on applying these techniques to free-form, sculptural designs in objects of body adornment such as necklaces and bracelets or in making 3-D baskets or vessels. Bring 5 colors of glass seed beads and youÕll want other sizes too but limited supplies will be offered for sale during class. Needle and thread will be supplied.


An abundance of bright colors, pleasing shapes, energy and social comment reflect Poochie MyersÕ viewpoint. Her involvement in art also includes advertising and marketing, needlepoint design, interior design, knitwear design, contracting of apartment buildings and houses, including an old landmark synagogue in the center of Key West FL. She has exhibited her art in several group exhibits and one man shows including Omaha NE, Key West FL, Huntington, Charleston, and Morgantown WV, San Francisco CA, Paris, France, Geneva, Switzerland and is in private collections all over the United States and Europe. Her current work may be seen in her studio at 418 3rd Ave, Huntington and on Poochie Myers P O Box 1028, 418 3rd Ave, Huntington WV 25701 304 522-3979
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