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ARTISTS STATEMENT: I am using wool, silk, cotton, old clothes together with our human form to make my audience's eye move in a sensuous flow of in and out, over and around. Let's travel into the magical world of our subconscious and to perhaps discover our own atavistic tendencies.
An attitude change ! We will be thinking about fabric differently. We use both sides of our brain when we knit - our attitude is that for a lot of reasons we want to realize which side we are using when? We might say that "Left Brain" function is the "Craft" and "Right Brain" function is the "Art". We all have both sides so we want to learn to strike a good balance.

If someone shows something they have created and you think, "Oh, I don't like that!" well, that's okay but you are "limiting" yourself to only what you like. Let's throw away our "limits" and really look and listen to each other and enjoy our freedom. We want to expand our own creativeness.
I would love to have you knit something that you have never knit before. There is no right or wrong in this class. Fun, creative knitting is not just knitting for function. We can buy a sweater but knitting is for many more reasons than something to wear. How about the reason of simple combining of yarns, colors, textures with ideas we like.

If you knit something you don't love then you won't wear it but if it doesn't fit then you can't wear it. We do need to know "Left" brain techniques but it's all just knit and purl. Knitting is simply creating fabric that has color texture and shape.

Some yarns are for our soul and not "just to knit". Most of us from West Virginia are very Scotch and we have a frugality that's embedded in our soul to use up every last inch of everything and "Knitting like Crazy" enables us to use it all - left overs, old clothes, ribbons, feathers. I do stop short at Dog Clippings. (I have standard poodles) We combine yarn different ways for different reasons. We buy color because it makes us feel good for that moment. Left over yarns are a good core for our next project ! These are great because they will just sit there and wait. Someday you will see something and know that that is the perfect yarn to put with the left overs for a new look. How exciting!
Creative knitting does not mean "throw away your patterns". Just have a new option to use or not use a pattern!

Knit several works at one time. You don't always feel like knitting the same thing all the time. Don't say you cannot start one more thing. You can. Knitting is not your work. This is not your housekeeping or your dinner cooking or the dishes. This is creating for your soul. This is your own ideas to make "ART". To give the world a gift of beauty. Because it's creative and it's your own idea sometimes you want to knit with just one color. You need that color. There is a lot of study going on about color and why you choose the clothes you wear or why you choose crayon colors when you are little. Just the act of moving your fingers and feeling the yarn is a kinetic pleasure and it is very centering. We are living in a pretty crazy world. With every generation of humans life appears to get crazier and to be centered, balanced, grounded is very important especially if you have a lot going on in your life. If you have a little trick, to center yourself it helps. Something like worry beads in Greece. Some writers just like the feel of the pencil in their fingers. The mere act of picking up the pencil is soothing and centering. So think about that and if somebody gives you a hard time about "always knitting all the time" just look at them steady and say, "I'm centering myself. I'm finding my balance."
We have to make some accidents happen in order to learn what happens when certain yarns, colors are put together. We cannot grow by combining yarns choosing only what we know because that is too limited. Learning to trust new combinations, new ideas is difficult because we all like to be comfortable and sometimes when we see something new we have done or something new someone else has done it's frightening and it's not comfortable and we don't know whether we like it or don't like it. Try to remember that there is no right and no wrong.

Look around at the world and your house and look at your own ideas. See something that you have never seen before.

An abundance of bright colors, energy and social comment reflect her viewpoint. Poochie taught art therapy, painting, drawing, needlepoint design and other involvements in art include advertising and marketing a new way to move - MOVEX, interior design, contracting reconstruction of apartment buildings and houses, including an old landmark synagogue in the center of Key West, Florida. Her paintings are displayed in Guild Hall Gallery, Key West, FL and she has exhibited needlepoint in several group exhibits and one man shows in the United States. Poochie has taught art therapy, painting, drawing, needlepoint design, creative knitting. Other involvements include advertising and marketing a new way to move - MOVEX, interior design, contracting reconstruction of apartment buildings and houses, including an old landmark synagogue in the center of Key West, Florida. Poochie has taught creative workshops across the United States.


POOCHIE MYERS 2 Prospect Drive, Huntington WV 25701 304 522 3979
Born in Huntington, West Virginia, Maiden name Hardwick

Marshall University-design
Dayton Art Institute -painting
Miami University-painting
Florida Keys Community College-design, painting
Knitting at Smithsonian, Washington DC-fiber art
Knitting and studying knitting since age 12 (over 40 years)

Painting, Drawing Teacher Hamilton OH adult education
Painting, Drawing, Creative knitting Teacher Huntington Museum
Creative Knitting, Mountain Trading Company, Charleston WV
Workshops "How To Design Your Own Needlepoint" & "Creative Knitting"
Remodeling Contractor for Apartment Buildings, Huntington WV
Redesigned, Remodeled 150 year old synagogue, National Historical Register
Member and owner of Guild Hall Gallery, Key West FL
Slide Lectures about IVORY COAST, WEST AFRICA
Lectures on esoteric "SNAKE RELIGIONS OF WV,KY & TN"
Teaches RoHun Practitioners and is a certified Master RoHun therapist
Conducts Past Life Regression, Rebirthing, Psi Investigations, Reiki
Teaches Psychic Art at Patricia Hayes School, Delphi, McCaysville GA
Teaches Meditation, Auras, Channeling
Certified Medium by the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship, Inc
Ordained a Minister of the Church of Wisdom, Atlanta GA
Author of THE ART OF MOVING(revised 6/92)
Author of KNIT LIKE CRAZY (print date 9/92)
Author of CHAKRAS and how to enjoy life(print date 10/92)
Teacher "Knit Like Crazy!" Huntington Museum, Huntington WV
Teacher "Knit Like Crazy!" The Knitting Guild of America in SanDiego
Teacher Creative knitting, Charleston WV, McCaysville GA, Louisville KY
"Knit Like Crazy!" State of West Virginia Craft Center, Cedar Lakes WV
Workshops New York Guilds, Roslyn, Glen Cove NY, Solon OH, McCaysville GA, National Knit Asso, USA

WEST VIRGINIA TRAVELING STYLE SHOWS 1988, Four Sweaters for Art to Wear
HUNTINGTON MUSEUM OF ART, Style show and sale of Sweaters for Art to Wear
MOUNTAIN TRADING COMPANY, CHARLESTON WV, Style show and sale of Sweaters for Art to Wear
UNIVERSITY OF CHARLESTON, CHARLESTON WV, 1989 Style show and sale of Sweaters for Art to Wear
KNITTING GUILD OF AMERICA,1990 first prize and popular vote.
SUNRISE MUSEUM, CHARLESTON WV, knitting honored with Award of Excellence
DELPHI GALLERY, 1992 Show and sale of Sweaters for Art to Wear
AUGIES'S of COLUMBUS OHIO,one man show of paintings and drawings
CULTURAL CENTER OF WEST VIRGINIA, registered artist invited to exhibit
UNIVERSITY OF WEST VIRGINIA, invitational show of women
SUNRISE MUSEUM, CHARLESTON WV,needlepoint honored with Best in Show
CRAFTSMAN GALLERY, OMAHA, NE, one man show of Needlepoint
THE ART STORE, CHARLESTON WV,display of paintings and Needlepoint
GUILD HALL GALLERY, KEY WEST FL,continuing display of paintings
GINGERBREAD GALLERY, KEY WEST FL, one man show Needlepoint and Wearable Art
FRED GROS GALLERY, KEY WEST FL, Display of Wearable Art
ARTIST'S UNLIMITED, KEY WEST FL, one man show of paintings
BACARDI GALLERY, MIAMI FL, display of paintings
KEY WEST ART CENTER, KEY WEST FL, twice honored Best in Show for painting
HUNTINGTON MUSEUM, HUNTINGTON WV, one man show of Needlepoint and Wearable Art
MARIN CIVIC CENTER, SAN FRANCISCO CA, Honored Best Creative Needlepoint

Needlepoint wool, cotton, rayon, silk, acrylic paint, mixed media, watercolor, wood, oil, fiber for soft sculpture


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